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Together we can help people with asthma breathe easy.

Together we can help people with asthma breathe easy.

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Advice and support

We provide practical support and expert advice to thousands of people with asthma, their families, and carers across Scotland. We understand that living with asthma bring unique challenges and we exist to help people with asthma and their families feel informed, supported, and confident to manage their asthma and improve quality of life.

With 368,000 people in Scotland living with asthma, including 72,000 children, our team are increasingly dealing with request for support through the phone, emails, and social media platforms. Our aim is to support people with asthma to live full lives, stop asthma attacks, and ensure no one die needlessly from asthma.

For confidential advice on the phone call:

Aberdeen – 01224 973001

Glasgow – 01415 010539

Edinburgh – 01316 090264

What makes our services unique and impactful?

The advice I was given has been invaluable. I was told to go back to the doctors so they could investigate my child’s condition and they explained the seriousness of his lips turning blue. As a result, he is currently under review every 3 months at the hospital and we manage his condition with his blue and purple inhalers. He attends gymnastics and swimming every week, nothing is stopping him. He always carries his inhaler, and he is becoming aware of when he needs it. Thank you very much for all your advice.


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