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Together we can help people with asthma breathe easy.

Together we can help people with asthma breathe easy.

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Sophie's Story - Emergency Appeal for Asthma Nurses

Sophie's story = image of mummy cuddling sick child in hospital bed

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation is appealing to businesses and the public for donations to help them continue to deliver life-saving services to people with asthma in desperate need of support.

I did not know my perfume was gradually killing my child

This is the feedback from Lydia, whose daughter, Sophie, had been in and out of hospital with a series of life-threatening asthma attacks. Sophie was unable to live an active lifestyle dancing with her friends, which she had loved before her asthma had become so severe.

After attending one of our asthma workshops, Sophie’s asthma improved drastically, and she was able to go back to dancing and stay out of hospital. The “My Breath is My Life” project, which we have run since September 2018, has allowed us to reach many more children with asthma and save lives. However, our funding is now running out.

Businesses and individuals can support the campaign via their fundraising appeal at

Catharina de Vries, fundraising assistant for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, said:

“We desperately need your donations to continue helping people like Lydia and Sophie. Donate today so that we can help more children live full, active lives doing the things they love. A small donation of just £10 can help change a child’s life for the better.”

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